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Gentrification in the Bronx: Is it New York City’s latest new target?

2 months ago

202 words

I have lived in the Bronx my whole life, but in the past few years I have seen a sudden change in buildings, infrastructures, rents and people. I have never really looked into what it is that is happening but this semester I want to focus on what is causing those changes. Gentrification has been…

Immigrant People: How COVID-19 Impacts Those Who Are Silenced

2 months ago

177 words

The community that I want to focus on is immigrants and how they are navigating through the pandemic. Many immigrants are essential workers, work odd jobs, and work hard by any means necessary to achieve their American Dream. With many immigrants not being offered the best health care or lacking health insurance, a global pandemic…

Story Beat – Homelessness in NYC

2 months ago

185 words

New York City has struggled managing their homeless population which has seen an increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many New Yorkers have lost their jobs and homes leaving them no choice but to seek refugee elsewhere. In the fall of 2020, I spoke to a former office maintenance worker who was abandoned by his…

Yankee Gurung: Community

2 months ago

332 words

            The community that I would like to focus on for the following semester is the Nepali community in the New York City Area. Specifically, Nepali led non-profit organizations and highlighting some of the issues they have been working to solve in the community, throughout the course of the pandemic and moving forward.             Adhikaar, a Nepali…

A Film Student’s Dilemma: How to Create in the Era of COVID-19?

2 months ago

359 words

By Kainoa Presbitero Creative fields have suffered greatly during the global pandemic. Filmmaking is a unique creative field which has faced many challenges during the time of social distancing. “You can’t just have productions with 200 – 250 crew and cast anymore…you can’t even have five people on set,” said Flora Lennihan.  Flora Lennihan is…

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